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Takeover Bid

Title~ Takeover Bid
Author~ Annarti
Disclaimer~ Commander Zakaariss and Prince Kanera are Sallie's, the rest of Kazin is mine.
Warnings~ Spoilers liek woah. Up to chapter 18 of Tarnish which I haven't actually written yet, but damnit I wanted to write this. So basically that means Sallie and Shanra, who helped me plan out Tarnish, are the only ones who won't get spoiled here.
Notes~ The dangers of developing a side character are, of course, that they'll want their bits written so they're the main character. Sod you, Sahid. God~ he's so different to writing Nol XD I hope I didn't screw up Kanera and Zakky too much :< WE'LL SEE!

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Tags: commander zakaariss, kazin, prince kanera, prince sahid, prince shoaib
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