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Tooth and Claw

Title~ Tooth and Claw
Author~ Annarti
Disclaimer~ All completely mine
Notes~ Latest in the line of Llayan fairy tales, here's the oh-so-belated tale for my Sallie <3! As with Dragon Boy, the main character is never given physical description beyond 'she' so the kiddie reading the story can imagine herself in the main character's shoes. This one... probably targets an older kiddie, tho. People die and stuff.

ANYWAY. This is for my Sallie, who loves her some werewolves, oddly matched couples and a touch of Beauty and the Beast. And Ruskies. And blond men with rugged sexy faces. Shove all that in a blender and something like this falls out. <3 Love my Sallie~!

( 11 501 words ) <-- The cut is fake. Long fic deserves a prettier space to be read in than LJ :D
Tags: fairytale, karalynn, llayad, niccolai, werewolf
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