Character Survey: Uncommon Questions (Nol)

6:19pm, Sunday, 13 May 2018
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It's been a looooooooong time since I've done a character survey. Mostly cos I'm doing a lot of writing 8D So one came up on my tumblr and why not? I think I'm going with current Nol, towards the end of SH:Gold, but I'll white-out the bits that are real spoilers.

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Well. That was an emotional roller-coaster.

Chapter Seven Rewrite

12:21am, Thursday, 5 January 2017
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The invincirock is no more. I honestly had no idea where I was taking that. This makes more sense now. There's an Author's Note in the middle to mark the exact point of the rewritten bit, if you don't want to reread all the stuff in the bar. Also, as a point of reference, this chapter is long before shit hits the fan. I ripped some bits from the cut part of chapter seventeen but mostly it's new stuff. Enjoy!

Yamin: Big Book of Stuff

11:28pm, Thursday, 28 April 2016

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And now Yamin in the Big Book of Stuff :D God I have drawn her WAY less than Nimay. Sorry 'min. You don't have as interesting poses as a swordie, sadly.

Her aesthetic boards almost make it look like they don't live in a desert. I also found the perfect Yamin-like person--Nastaya Zhidkova, who is an albino model with Yamin's identical haircut and everything. I'm so happy. And a bunch of pictures of small children who might as well be the twins and it's awesome. And a healing house! Which is actually an observatory but shh you don't need to know that.

General Nimay: Big Book of Stuff

9:11pm, Sunday, 3 April 2016

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Nimay in the Big Book of Stuff! Which I've never shown off before because it's always just been a Word doc with headers and stuff, but with the advent of leaky roof soaking into every goddamn page, I decided that rather than just reprint it, I'll design it, too! Because design is fun! So now it's got negative space, updated referance arts, pictures all through, aesthetic boards, different fonts for the headers and highlights, and by golly gee whiz I enjoyed doing this. There's also a bunch of unfinished arts because why not? When else am I going to look at them? I'd forgotten most of those pieces existed.

No bleed, which is weird for me, but my paper is only A4 and I don't really want work doing this for me 8D

General Nimay: Character Design

7:10pm, Sunday, 3 April 2016

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Silent Harmony Covers: Redone

3:00pm, Saturday, 20 June 2015
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Redid the cover photos for Silent Harmony with smaller feathers to make the yrae feathers stand out more, and with black sand from Mum and Dad's trip to Bali for Kazin.

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Character Master List

8:33pm, Friday, 12 June 2015
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I've been putting this off for far too long. It's taken HOURS AND HOURS but it'll be so useful now it's done. The character master list!Collapse )

Another OC Meme

6:09pm, Wednesday, 8 April 2015
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I've never liked the term 'OC'. Like. Original as opposed to what? Those characters I have that aren't original? I know it came from fandom days when people'd create characters within universes that already existed, and that makes sense, but... my characters are all original. They're just my characters, not my OCs. ANYWAY.

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9:47pm, Sunday, 5 April 2015
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Idk how to word it yet because I only just thought it up, but I really want there to be a Kazinian proverb/metaphor that compares someone's strength to someone who rubs their eyes after cutting up chilli and doesn't even care. I will make this a Thing.

(no I didn't just do it, it just came to me as I was cutting up the chilli for my salmon. Cos that'd be some serious badassery right there.)


1:55am, Saturday, 28 March 2015
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TITLE Spudnik
AUTHOR Annarti
NOTES Chapter is not moving. Suspecting that not having been inside Kurae's head for ages is perhaps part of the problem, I decided to write something completely unrelated with him to see if that jogs anything. This came remarkably easy, though, so now my suspicion is more the story than the character. Something needs prodding. Anyway. This one's about potatoes. Because potatoes are awesome.


Potatoes were fantastic. The most versatile of foods, they could be mashed and made luxuriously smooth with cream, baked to make the skin crispy and beautiful, chopped up to add bulk to a stew. Kurae’s favourite method was to cut them into long, chunky fingers and bake them. He could never do it properly on missions, never had enough room for all the ingredients or the time required that would take them to the next level. All he could do then was salt them, stick them in the iron mini-oven to bury them under the coals of the fire and hope it was hot enough to crisp them up. Usually they worked out well enough, but they were nothing like what he could make at home.

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6:41pm, Sunday, 15 March 2015
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Pick a number and ask one of my characters. They will answer. I'll make sure of it.

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Some Kazinian War Or Whatever

12:13am, Sunday, 8 February 2015
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Part of developing the Commanding Circle in Kazin has been to give them all a battle they go to fight in. For all the profiles of them I just said they all kinda just go do battles and are awesome at them. But in order for me to WRITE any of that stuff I need them to have a war to go to. So in the interests of keeping that written down somewhere, here you go.

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See that little squibby bit between Sinazi and Nissaya? Point of contention. Sinazi wants that little bit because. Reasons. It's prime farming for, like, saffron or something stupid expensive. So Sinazi wants it! And they have a war over it. All pretty par for the course in Kazin, but things escalated when the general of Nissaya was killed, mostly because it wasn't actually during war-time. He was in his tent asleep and was murdered.

So Nissaya got pissed, saying that wasn't an honourable part of the traditions of war. Sinazi said suck it. Nissaya said well we're still friends with the empress and we're calling the Assiraz army down on your arse now.

And hence the Assiraz army and probably half their Commanding Circle go to war. All this happened about a year ago so this'd be the most recent big thing any of them have done. During this war is when Commander Sadiqi lost his eye, too. I don't think I have any other specifics.

SO YEAH. That's a thing now. Yay!

Animal Inspiration

10:36pm, Friday, 6 February 2015
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I've been thinking a lot about writing lately without actually doing any of it, so allow me a ramble to maybe get myself back into maybe writing some real story this weekend.

Way back when I started with Silent Harmony I remember doing those character surveys and always got stumped by the question of 'Which animal do you associate with him/her?' I always thought that was a silly thing. I've never associated real people with animals before, why would I do that with my characters? Just make them real people. And so I did. Later on, probably five or six years ago, I read some article about associating characters with animals and how it can bring more life to how you write them. Not by constantly likening them to the animal (She was like a cat, aloof and independent, only willing to let you give her attention when she decreed it, that kind of thing) but just by using verbs that you'd normally use to describe the animal. Why say 'she reminded him of a cat' when you can say she prowls, she hisses, she yowls, she purrs, she curls up?

It's something I'll certainly want to do in the rewrite, make the associations that I've slowly started realising with the top four and applying them more consciously. The more recent additions--Shizaaqa and Assili especially--have their animals set. Nimay, Yamin and Nol are a little trickier.

Shizaaqa is lithe and slender. Her eyes are piercing and her voice hypnotising. I use words with the letter 's' in them a lot when describing her, and not just because she's Kazinian. She's dangerous, poisonous. She rears up in anger and settles sinuously back in her throne. She doesn't walk; she glides, she snakes, she sways. Just these descriptors sprinkled here and there, not so obvious that I'm screaming SHE'S A SNAKE but enough to get the imagery going.

Assili, despite trying ever so hard to be her mother, is not a snake. Assili's gauze flutters, her hands flit, she tries to hide it but she hops in excitement. She darts and tilts her head to the side when she's listening. But most of Assili's character comes in her voice, I think. It's a tittering sing-song speckled with twitters and chirps and tweets. It's an ear-piercing screech or a squawk; never a cry or a yell. Lot of onomatopoeia in the language surrounding Assili, short, staccato words. She hops, she struts, she preens, she flies. She also loves birds and birdsong, and Shizaaqa's private nickname for her was Golden-capped Honeyeater, but those are pretty explicit and not really what I'm on about here. I'm talking about the language you use to talk about them.

Flannel Flower's fingers curl and dance like a spider's legs. She's silent, she creeps, she watches, she strikes. She's also completely batshit insane so I'm not sure how much of the arachnid feel comes across with her.

Yan? Yan's the wind. Yan is death. Yes, he has the giant bat wings, but a flitty little bat with a high-pitched squeak he is not. His voice is dry and sandy and dead. He's cold, he avoids human contact, he's just profoundly uncomfortable to be nearby but those who don't know him can't quite put their finger on why. He swishes, he glides, he picks and needles. May not be an animal, but all Yan's language comes from the wind and death. Cos. He dead.

Nimay is unsurprisingly evolving into a bird of prey. Quite unlike Assili's little songbird, she's predatory, she circles, she's always watching, waiting. She glides, she arches her neck, she strikes, she digs her claws in. She doesn't run, she flies, but I do have to be careful with that one given that she literally can fly and the imagery might go the wrong way there.

Yamin I'm not sure on. Something will come up. She's always been the hardest to pin down.

Nol I haven't actually written into things yet, but I'm thinking horse maybe? Still doesn't quite fit. Bolting, cantering, galloping; huffing and... whinnying and screaming not so much. Nol doesn't whinny. Also never thought of him as graceful nor applied the word 'majestic' to him, despite royalty. Maybe not horse, then. Eh, like 'Min, we'll see what evolves.

Lynnlita, once she makes her appearance, will most certainly be a cat.

And that's the lot, for the moment. Now let's see about doing some actual writing :D

Meme: How well do you know your characters?

10:01pm, Monday, 29 December 2014
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Nicked from Sallie, pick a character and a number and I will answer the question! I love these things. Also some of these are tech-dependant so I'll either edit them to suit my lot better oooor just cross them out.

1:What's your OCs favourite color?
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12:03am, Saturday, 13 December 2014
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TITLE Unspoken
AUTHOR Annarti
NOTES Getting back into the writing groove with this bit that's been stuck in my head for the last couple of months. I can't get it out right, though. What's in my head is much softer and more intimate than what I can do with words. Been out of the game too long, methinks.

Anyway. This takes place during chapter 22 of Tarnish, right after they've just busted Nol out of the Imperial Dungeons and legged it into the jungle, annnnnd I'm not sure if it's canon or not. I forget exactly what frame of mind they were both in before and after their argument to know if it fits. It's just been in my head and I needed to get it out. Maybe now I can get back to Gold :D?


Nimay folded her arms and stared at him with the patience of stone.

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Character 145: 145 Madame Yamin

8:00pm, Wednesday, 15 October 2014
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Yeah. Twins. They had to be posted on the same day, even if it meant holding off on Nimay until Yamin was ready. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS I DID IT. I haven't had internet for the entirety of the final six characters (and still don't, if you're curious) but I DID IT.

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Character 145: 144 General Nimay

7:56pm, Wednesday, 15 October 2014
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MY GIRLS! ♥ I've had these references saved for YEARS. This stock image girl is perfect for them both and has expressions suited to both and alsdghjaslk This is what the last 143 portraits have been building up to. MY GIRLS ♥♥

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Character 145: 143 King Yan

2:25pm, Sunday, 12 October 2014
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Another of those I've been jointly reallyreally looking forward to and reallyreally dreading at the same time. And not just because his 'brief' bio spans a thousand years. Good god that thing's going to be a history of the world.

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Character 145: 142 Crown Prince Nolryn

8:08pm, Thursday, 9 October 2014
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He made a very, very strong case for being #143 but in the end Yan's just more a more important character. But he tried so hard he really did. POV character and royalty and everything. Sorry bb but Yan will always have your arse. Nol will always be my baby though ♥

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Character 145: 141 Crown Princess Assili

9:06pm, Wednesday, 8 October 2014
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Halfway through the top eight! Don't get too excited by the fact that this has appeared. Internet is still broken. I've turned my phone into a wireless access point so Shwiggy can feed off of it, but it's slow. Couldn't load anything but Google yesterday. Still, assuming this posts, Assili! And tomorrow, another one! Because he's sitting waiting to be posted but I can't do two top eights on one day, that's just cruel to them. My babies ♥

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