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Character 145: 140 Princess Lynnlita

LAST LLAYAN and my what a Llayan she is. It took half as long to do her hair as it's taken me to do entire people for most of the challenge. It probably takes her that long EVERY DAY.

This is Lynnlita being remarkably restrained with her makeup, and unremarkably less so with her sparklies. Frankly it's amazing her earlobes haven't stretched to her shoulders, the amount of gold she hangs off of them. Said sparklies inspired by this flower which I have no idea as to the name of. Native African flower, and hence native to Llayad.

NAME Princess Lynnlita of Llayad
WHO IS THIS PERSON Clue is, once again, in the title. Lynnlita is the youngest of the current monarchs' four children.
AGE 24

BRIEF BIO Lynnlita was born and raised in Wensleydale Castle by two parents who couldn't really care less about politics (though they try a little bit) but Lynnlita herself was hooked from early on. She was schooled extensively by the best teachers in Llayad, on Llayan (literature and grammar) and fine arts, history and foreign languages, and of course politics. Even though she knew she'd never sit the throne herself, she admired her big sister Evelandel so much that she simply had to grow up to be a part of her court. Well, that's the story she tells everyone, and while it's partly true, her real ambition started when she was ten, going on the traditional royal meet-and-greet, when she met young Prince Nolryn in Raykin. Always as much a romantic as a politician, Lynnlita set her sights on becoming unbeatable queen material, partly for Nolryn personally, partly because politics was FUN and she wanted as much of that as she could get. Basically all the signs were pointing her towards this destiny. The fortune tellers said so.
So Lynnlita learnt from all the various politicians in the castle, quickly surpassing her own parents who were just immensely proud of their little girl and her ambition. She went back to Llayad again for Nolryn's hrai-dani, wielding her political wiles while she was there in an effort to show how much she had grown up. Mithé certainly took a shine to her, and she identified a number of problems with Raykin that could be easily fixed, such as cutting down on the alcohol-fuelled violence by cutting back on the alcohol and not training people to violence by training them in the army. None of her suggestions went down too well with Nolryn, but she wasn't about to give up. She's certain she'll be Nolryn's queen some day.

CHARACTER Lynnlita is a stuck-up snob but she doesn't realise it. She's strongly opinionated and not willing to listen to anyone else's unless they think the same way she does. She is an excellent debater and knows exactly how to structure her arguments to best effect. To her, heated debates are a fun and enjoyable pastime. She doesn't take them too seriously, but she is determined to make her opposing party see sense.
She admires other cultures, but only from a distance, and with very naïve eyes. She is in fact very ignorant of them, thinking them quaint and pretty, but largely beneath her. She believes everyone would be much better off if they adopted a Llayan way of life, and will force those opinions on any foreigner she meets.
Lynnlita has a very firm grip on her anger. It isn't ladylike to be openly angry, so she'll never bear her teeth or raise her voice if she can help it. She'll take a moment to think and try to prove her point from another angle. Other than anger, Lynnlita is very open with her emotions. She'll be poised and calm in a more public situation, but when she's only around people she's close to, she doesn't hide anything.
Lynnlita is a hopeless romantic, and frequently imagines romantic dinners for two, either between herself and another (usually Nolryn) or between two people she knows and thinks should be together. She loves hearing about how couples first met.

  • Lynnlita is scared of insects, convinced that they'll all try and bite her or crawl up her legs.
  • Lynnlita loves her parents dearly, and especially loves spending time doing the same activity as her mother. She's incredibly skilled at manipulating them and knows exactly what tone to pull to get just what she wants out of them. Having never been trained in rhetoric themselves, they always fall for it.
  • Amyrallyn, Lynnlita's closest sister, is best friend. The two share all their secrets with each other. Amyrallyn is the only one with whom Lynnlita can have mundane conversations about nothing.
  • Lynnlita finds it hard to chat casually with her brother, Kuhedrin, like she does with Amyrallyn or with her mother, but Kuhedrin loves on his baby sister.
  • Lynnlita admires her big sister Evelandel more than anyone in the world. She admires her poise and her elegance, and her beautiful relationship with her husband and daughter.
  • Lynnlita absolutely adores her nieces and loves spoiling them, playing with them and teaching them about the world as she knows it. She's incredibly clucky around them.
  • Lynnlita doesn't have a lot to do with her brother- and sister-in-law. Prince Georgio she knows will make a good king, but he still treats her too much as his wife's kid sister for her to want to associate much with him. Lasinio, Amyrallyn's... fiancé/boyfriend/courting partner/whatever stage they're at, is always doting on Amyrallyn when he's around and she doesn't feel comfortable intruding on them. Sallieanne she thinks is a fun girl, but a little too agreeable, never able to stand behind her own opinions, especially in the face of opinions as forceful as Lynnlita's.
  • Lynnlita is pretty superstitious, believing in everyone claiming to be a fortune teller whether they're legit or not, and also her lucky necklace (not pictured because I always draw her in it and she's not THAT attached to it. I mean, if it doesn't go with her dress, then it clearly doesn't get worn). If she hears a new superstition she'll probably believe in it, but she doesn't necessarily let them ruin her life. Four is her lucky number. She'll often manipulate other numbers so they'll become four.
  • As the youngest of the royal household, (aside from the under-tens) Lynnlita is doted upon whenever she calls for it, but often ignored by the ministers since there's virtually no prospect of her ruling. She is often seen as a nuisance for her inability to accept another's point of view, but, for those who share her thoughts, she's the ideal ally because she won't give up her fight.
  • Lynnlita is needlessly formal, and will always speak in the third person, even when speaking in a language that has personal pronouns, feeling that 'you' and 'I' are far too familiar and therefore rude for polite conversation. Her voice rises and falls like a song, making her sound less intelligent than she actually is. Her handwriting is large and loopy, very beautiful but difficult to read with any fluency. In the eyes of a Llayan, she's fluent in all four known languages, however she has a tendency to 'fix' foreign grammar that she feels is wrong to her Llayan ears, such as the presence of first and second person.
  • Lynnlita keeps a pet leopard cub called Dapple. It's always a cub. Once it grows big enough it's released back into the wild (where it probably dies within the week. Go Llayad) and is replaced by the next Dapple. There's a long line of Dapples in Wensleydale palace.
  • Lynnlita loves the ambiance that accompanies cheese and wine. She especially loves soft cheeses, like brie and camembert, accompanied by a smooth Barossana Valley shiraz. She also has a sweet tooth, and particularly likes biscuits with macadamia nuts.
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