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Character 145: 141 Crown Princess Assili

Halfway through the top eight! Don't get too excited by the fact that this has appeared. Internet is still broken. I've turned my phone into a wireless access point so Shwiggy can feed off of it, but it's slow. Couldn't load anything but Google yesterday. Still, assuming this posts, Assili! And tomorrow, another one! Because he's sitting waiting to be posted but I can't do two top eights on one day, that's just cruel to them. My babies ♥

Assili is fed up with your shit.

NAME Crown Princess Assili of Kazin
WHO IS THIS PERSON Empress Shizaaqa's only daughter and hence heir to the Kazinian throne
AGE 13

BRIEF BIO Assili's earliest memory was going for a walk in the gardens with her mother, and watching a mating display from a black bird of paradise with flashes of white feathers.
Once she was old enough to walk and talk, Assili has rarely ever left her mother's side. She's always sat in on meetings, even through she found them boring at first, but Shizaaqa insisted. Assili was encouraged to participate, offering her own unique opinions which, though childish, taught her how to make herself heard and listened to. She always used to play games in her mind in meetings, counting how many times a minister crossed and uncrossed her legs, or guessing how long before a commander would storm out of the room in frustration. She still does this with certain people.
That's as childish as she's ever been. She started using makeup as soon as she realised its effects, how it could make people look older than they are. She's always hated not being taken seriously because of her age.
Her first time outside the palace was when she was ten, when she visited the army barracks with her eldest brother Sahid. She hated it, full of smelly, sweaty men, ew.
Her second was in SH: Tarnish when the palace was invaded by her mother's assassination squad, the Bouquet. Plot happened wherein Assili became empress and joined up with the Raykinian King's Own and that's where I'll leave her bio.

CHARACTER Assili has been taught never to be ashamed of herself, so long as she learns from what she does wrong. This teaching pretty much governs her life.
She tries to be social when she has the chance. When higher-ranking officials or visiting royalty joins the family for cocktail hour, she talks with them when Shizaaqa has finished.
She’s not at all afraid to speak her mind, and is still too young to have learnt much of diplomacy. She understands the logic behind it, but when someone is being too irritating she finds it hard to be patient with them.
She isn’t afraid to use crocodile tears to get her way, though she only ever does this sparingly to make them really look genuine.
Assili loves music, especially birdsong and the slow music of gamelans, allowing time to appreciate every note. The male collared rain-piper is her favourite birdsong. It loves to sing in the rain, and the two sounds together are perfect for lifting the weight from her shoulders.
She sees the outlying provinces as potentially dangerous, and wants to benefit them to get them on her side. She wants her people to feel proud to be Kazinians. She wants them to unify out of pride, not fear. This is pretty much the key difference between mother and daughter.
As far as Assiraz goes, Assili likes the way it is run and is on good terms with most of the ministers, so there won’t be much of a cabinet shake-up when she is crowned. Only a handful of ministers bore her.

  • People fiddling irritates her. It betrays their nervousness, and something she admires in people is confidence. She wants to reward people who have the guts to speak out to her when she’s empress.
  • She loves tradition, and especially loves the men to wear traditional sarongs rather than modern, foreign-influenced pants.
  • Cocktail hour is a tradition begun by Shizaaqa as a way of keeping tabs on her children, though Assili likes to use it as a time to relax. She chats on level terms with her brothers while still scrutinising them, and makes conversation with any other officials or royal visitors Shizaaqa invites up.
  • Assili and Shizaaqa have an extremely professional relationship, though Assili still calls her ‘Mother’ and Shizaaqa shows her a great deal of favouritism. She has enormous respect for her mother and hangs diligently on her every word, though lately she has begun to have some disagreements with some of her mother’s policies and methods. She believes Shizaaqa is too tied up in local affairs to notice the potential danger of the outlying provinces and the kingdoms beyond them. She lives for Shizaaqa’s praise, which she earns quite regularly.
  • Assili sees very little of her father, Misbah, but has respect for his skills as General. She's been seeing much more of him in recent months leading up to the war and sees him as a level-headed, intelligent man.
  • Her big brother, Sahid, is a blind arrow. She wishes he would recognise his place in the army, and how only army ranks will mean anything in the end. She thinks he’s too pampered by royal life to go any higher, and she’s been trying to harden him up and see that she does genuinely want him in her Commanding Circle, but realistically she knows he’s only going to end up in the outlying provinces.
  • Kanera is Assili’s favourite brother. She wishes he would apply himself and show the talent she knows he has. She has recently placed him under Zakaariss’ personal tutelage in the hopes that this will fire Kanera on to greater things.
  • Assili's little brother, Shoaib, is still older than her by a few years but... really he's the little brother. She has no respect for him and, if he hasn’t cracked out of his shell by the time he’s completed his army training, she’ll completely give up on him. She wants all three brothers in her Commanding Circle, but she has no room in it for weakness.
  • Currently Assili sees Zakaariss as the most likely successor to her father as the Assiraz army’s general, but she’s still too young to recognise the full connotations of that. Give her a few years.
  • The ministers of the palace generally see Assili as an opportunity they are fast losing. As a young child she was more open to taking the advice of the ministers when they had the chance to speak with her without Shizaaqa present, but as she’s been growing they see she’s becoming far too much like her mother for their liking. Still, they keep trying, and especially in her attitudes towards Shizaaqa’s war, they can see all is not yet lost.
  • Assili has a high-pitched, annoying voice that can get ear-piercingly loud if she’s angry or excited. Assili has a fairly strong grasp on Raykinian and Llayan, though her accent still needs polishing. She prefers to have conversations in Kazinian, since she’s not confident enough to understand political discussions in foreign languages.
  • When Assili was born, a golden-capped honeyeater was singing on the balcony at the time, prompting Shizaaqa to use the bird’s name as her nickname.
  • For her favourites, Assili likes any tropical fruit cocktail, especially with mango juice. She can’t yet see the point of alcohol and if she hangs around with Raykinians for too long it's likely she never will. She loves white meat, like fish or poultry, with a sweet, fruity salsa. She especially loves dessert.
  • Assili has a broach made of gold and black-green enamel, shaped like the frog tattoo on Kanera’s wrist since it was a present from him on her twelfth birthday. When clasped on, the frog looks to be climbing up the garment it is clinging to. As a gift from her favourite brother, it is one of her most prized possessions, and she wears it often.
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