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Character 145: 145 Madame Yamin

Yeah. Twins. They had to be posted on the same day, even if it meant holding off on Nimay until Yamin was ready. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS I DID IT. I haven't had internet for the entirety of the final six characters (and still don't, if you're curious) but I DID IT.

Yamin has been tricky ever since I started putting more actual character into faces. Getting the same sharp features as Nimay's face but on a soft character like Yamin is hard. Mostly it's the eyebrows. Pointy desert eyebrows work best on dark desert skin.

NAME Madame Yamin
WHO IS THIS PERSON OTHER MAIN CHARACTER! Also the current head healer of the healing house at the Raykinian palace.
AGE 20

BRIEF BIO Yamin's profile gets to start earlier because she can actually remember her early childhood. She was born and raised in middle-class Ni-Yana, where her father owned a pretty awesome pub and her mother, a desert woman, was a launder at the palace. She and Nimay had never spoken a word, though they laughed and cried with voice, which concerned their father but not so much their mother. Riona taught them both desert magic, which they could use to communicate ideas, if not yet actual words, with their mother and any other desert people they'd meet.
Yamin's was a happy childhood. She and Nimay got to go to the palace every now and then to look at the horses and maybe even watch a challenge to the King's Own, meet curious animals--especially snakes in wire cages--at the markets and generally just exist as typical, if non-speaking, Raykinian girls.
Unfortunately, though, as main character plot had to happen to them. Shortly after their seventh birthday, undead King Yan appeared at their house. He killed Yamin's parents right in front of her (or so he tells me, to be honest I'm dubious about that these days) and kidnapped both the twins, taking them into the desert where they had no choice but to accept his 'gifts': an yrae feather each. Touching the feathers turned Nimay's olive skin dark brown and washed Yamin's pasty pale, which she now hates because she lives in the goddess-damned desert and sunburns like that without getting so much as a half a shade of tan. Anyway we're skipping. Yan wiped Nimay's memory and made Yamin promise not to let her twin know of her existence until their hrai-dani, their 20th birthday, when they're officially recognised as adults.
Weeks later, Yamin woke in one of the intensive care rooms in the healing house at the palace, where she'd spent much time and so knew most of the healers, but she was terrified. She was given a room in one of the disused defence towers at the palace, from which she didn't dare venture just in case Nimay saw her and Yan came back. It was eventually young Prince Nolryn who convinced her to let herself have a life. He'd help keep her secret, along with everyone else in the palace. And so, more than a year after waking up at the palace, Yamin began training at the healing house.
Unlike Nimay's army training, Yamin's partners all encouraged her to use her magic as soon as she could. While she was learning all about venomous snakes and spiders and broken bones and diseases, she was also experimenting with her yrae feather and finding out just what it could do to help her heal people. The more she learned about anatomy the easier she found it to see inside people, seeing their broken bones or inflamed flesh and, even more importantly, how it should look. She learned how to move broken bones around and encourage the body's own natural healing, speeding up the process for as long as she flowed magic into it.
Yamin earned her gold healer's band when she was fourteen, but her crowning glory came when she was seventeen. It was then that a distraught Gylepi, archer in the King's Own, ran into the healing house with his bone-limp son in his arms. Poor little Ruyn had been bitten by a thrai. Yamin had never attempted to cure anyone of a snake bite before, but if ever there was a time to try, this was the kid to do it for. Thrai's would ordinarily kill a kid within ten minutes, and Gylepi had run all the way from his villa. Yamin did all she could, drawing the poison from Ruyn's system while leaving as much of his actual blood as she could manage, but she knocked herself out cold before she could see if she'd succeeded. She woke up (I forget how long exactly) weeks later, exhausted but otherwise fine, to learn that Ruyn was alive and happy. Blinded now, but alive. Go 'Min!
The next summer, during a particularly bad heatwave, the head healer, Auin, died of heatstroke. Yamin was named her successor at eighteen, not unusual since the healers like their head to be in the job for a long time, and also she has freaking magic and is also a fabulous leader.
Finally, after thirteen years, more plot happened. Yamin's hrai-dani happened, during which she re-introduced herself to her long lost twin sister, lost her yrae feather, got dumped in the desert again by Yan and learned that King Mithé was dead. Since then she's gone to Kazin, been freezing cold, met a scary tiny empress and really had her healing skills tested.

CHARACTER Yamin is shy through necessity. She’s scared of being too noticed and having people talk about her too much, and have news of her reach Nimay. Living her life in hiding for so long has made her quiet and reserved. She’s more likely to smile than to laugh out loud and attract attention, and she doesn’t like to go out with the other healers for fear of being noticed.
She’s very nostalgic over her childhood, but remembers it fondly now rather than sadly. She began writing down all the desert stories her mother told her and Nimay, initially as a personal reminder, something to keep her mother close, but now she realises the value such stories could have to the wider community. If children could hear the stories, a new generation of Riverfolk might be less prejudice towards the desert people. She’s hopeful about the future in that regard.
Yamin hates feeling useless and will always strive to please others.
Pubs and socialising outside her close group of friends have never been her scene, though the other healers have been slowly bringing her out of her shell when Nimay isn’t around. She enjoys these outings as long as they’re only on rare occasions.
As head healer, she prefers that the other healers take the initiative and work for themselves, but she will give orders if needs be. She is exceedingly patient, so that others feel guilty if they’ve actually managed to irritate her. She never chides or questions her patients as Auin did, she just heals them and listens if they want to talk to her.
Yamin doesn’t deal well with stressful situations, unless it’s something she knows she can deal with, like an influx of people into the healing house at once. Situations she knows nothing about, like Yan or the recent relationship breakdown between Nimay and Nolryn, are situations she’d rather hide from. She does her best, but at the end of the day she knows she’s not strong and wishes she could leave those to other people to deal with.

  • Snake bites are Yamin's specialty. She finds snakes absolutely fascinating.
  • Yamin fiddles with anything that comes to hand when she’s nervous, picking at her nails or wringing her fingers if there’s nothing else to fiddle with. She has dry hands, but she uses cream to keep them soft for working in the healing house. She keeps her nails short, but she cuts them with a pair of scissors rather than her teeth.
  • Yamin is the first born of the twins. She has something of an idealised, nostalgic view of her sister, having not grown up with her since they were seven, and upon actually meeting Nimay again she finds it hard to come to terms with her much harder, more mature character. She feels like the only constant in her life has almost betrayed her, but because of Yamin’s nature, she’s willing to accept this and get to know Nimay as a new person.
  • Yamin has never truly hated anyone in her life, except for Yan. She wants nothing more than to see him properly dead. She’s lived her life in fear of him, and has devoted much time to trying to find a way of ending him. In Yamin’s eyes, Yan is irredeemable.
  • Prince Nolryn
    Nolryn is one of Yamin’s close friends. She almost thinks of him like a brother, since he so often comes to her for advice. She admires his sense of responsibility and loves how he always makes the effort to give her company. She wishes he and Nimay could have been together, however much she can’t see Nimay as queen.
  • She was initially quite resentful of Mithé for trying to replace her father. She respects him as her king, she just wishes he would stop trying to familiarise himself so much with her.
  • Yamin held Auin in high regard as her head healer, though she always felt Auin could have been a little more kind, to both the other healers and her patients. She remembers at a young age being driven almost to tears by the overbearing woman, but grew up respecting her and recognising that the hard first years were essential to her growing up.
  • Fali, Menala and Narine have long been Yamin’s friends, helping her to come out of her shell and live a more normal life. She loves them dearly for their persistence, and though she still gets nervous whenever they suggest a new way of expressing herself, like her first time shopping or going to a pub, she’s more willing now to trust them and let herself have fun with whatever their plans are.
  • Yamin's clothing is heavily inspired by Fali's tastes, simple and light-coloured. She likes to wear tasteful silver jewellery, like a pair of plain studs or an unadorned chain necklace. She often wears a dusty red-orange cloak to blend in with the palace staff, but she’s being slowly convinced by the other healers that she can show off her wardrobe a bit more when Nimay’s not around.
  • Nanuka and Ramnaré have respectively played Yamin’s mother and big sister. Both looked after her when she first arrived at the palace, showing her she wasn’t alone and that there were people who could care for her. As she’s grown up, Ramnaré has also become a close friend and confidant, and the pair share a strong bond due to their desert magic.
  • Yamin is highly respected amongst the healers, for her knowledge and skills even more than for her yrae magic. She is always willing to help the other healers to improve, and equally willing to learn from those with more experience than her.
  • The rest of the palace largely doesn’t notice her. Most of the rumours are about Nimay and Nolryn, and Yamin keeps herself hidden enough that there’s little reason to talk about her.
  • As for the rest of Ni-Yana, there have always been vague rumours that Nimay had a twin sister, but the two are so unalike that, unless they were standing next to each other, the connection likely wouldn’t be made. When locals encounter her, they assume she’s Kazinian and often make disparaging remarks to that effect, but she’s not generally bothered. The more they believe that, the less likely they are to talk about her as being Nimay’s sister.
  • Yamin has neat, flowing handwriting that almost looks more like artwork than writing. Her written language is very articulate and she’s rarely left searching for the right word. She barely knows a word of any foreign languages.
  • Yamin loves to draw and write to relax, and has been writing out all the desert stories she remembers from her childhood. She initially started writing them to later tell to Nimay, but also hopes now that the stories might be used to bridge the gap between the Riverfolk and desert people. She loves to hear variations on the stories she already knows, especially from Ramnaré.
  • Yamin strongly believes life is there to be lived. If she sees someone throwing their lives away, she will do what she can to make them see that there is hope for them.
  • Yamin hates hearing about death and killing, and she tries to ignore what she knows Nimay does for a living. She adamantly believes there must always be a way around killing people.
  • Yamin's favourite food is crusty bread dipped in olive oil with balsamic vinegar and dukkah, something Fali has introduced her to from Llayad. She likes lighter Raykinian beers, and has a fondness for the Kazinian cocktails that aren’t loaded with sugar.
  • Yamin barely ever flies. All about not being seen, you see. As a result she's not nearly as good at it as she could be and can't handle long distances.
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