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Some Kazinian War Or Whatever

Part of developing the Commanding Circle in Kazin has been to give them all a battle they go to fight in. For all the profiles of them I just said they all kinda just go do battles and are awesome at them. But in order for me to WRITE any of that stuff I need them to have a war to go to. So in the interests of keeping that written down somewhere, here you go.

See that little squibby bit between Sinazi and Nissaya? Point of contention. Sinazi wants that little bit because. Reasons. It's prime farming for, like, saffron or something stupid expensive. So Sinazi wants it! And they have a war over it. All pretty par for the course in Kazin, but things escalated when the general of Nissaya was killed, mostly because it wasn't actually during war-time. He was in his tent asleep and was murdered.

So Nissaya got pissed, saying that wasn't an honourable part of the traditions of war. Sinazi said suck it. Nissaya said well we're still friends with the empress and we're calling the Assiraz army down on your arse now.

And hence the Assiraz army and probably half their Commanding Circle go to war. All this happened about a year ago so this'd be the most recent big thing any of them have done. During this war is when Commander Sadiqi lost his eye, too. I don't think I have any other specifics.

SO YEAH. That's a thing now. Yay!
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