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General Nimay: Character Design

So my Big Book of Stuff got slightly saturated at the bottom due to a roof leak, and rather than just reprint the whole thing I decided to put into practice an actual design! Nimay will be coming up shortly, but in the meantime here are the arts for Nimay's character design!

Dem abs. And dem arms. And also body hair and the first time I think I've ever drawn her with her hair down. Yeah sexy 'may!

Nimay likes loose, comfortable clothing with piss-all in the way of embellishments. Colours are reasonably subtle, and she likes red and blue. No heels because she's already taller than most of the population, she never learnt how to wear them, she's an active girl who likes to feel comfortable and ready to stab things if it comes up (it's Ni-Yana; it comes up) and many other reasons.

Nothing's changed here. Red shirt yay!

With and without cloak. The fur is bum-length and I kinda want one. God there's a lot of black. That's the general's uniform for you.

Updated since the last time because I've never been satisfied with it. Now she has a million tiny diamonds sewed on which are going to be impossible to draw with real media but oh well. They're like night sky and wind and subtly hinting at flight, because at this stage in her life when she was still hiding the yrae feather, and sticking a giant yrae on the thing would be too obvious. So she's still red and black, for swordie and general, but I've decided that there's no difference between men's and women's ceremonial robes now so the red is on top. Also giant sleeves and trailing floaty skirts. And sparklies! I don't know that I've ever drawn her in jewellery, apart from the old bangle that she doesn't have anymore.

Doesn't come up often. She's not big on fancy clothes, nor dresses and skirts in general, but she does kind of enjoy getting dressed up for occasions. Idk what kind of occasions in her life call for it, maybe fancy dinner at Kurae's when he invites all the swordies over? She doesn't participate in the big dos Mithé and Nol are obliged to put on for ministers and foreign dignitaries because YAWN.

Sword and wing clasps unchanged, sheath is now black to actually match the hilt. I'm not sure quite why I originally designed it with brown leather. I wanted to match it to her regular brown/red uniform, but she'd obviously change the sheath as soon as she made general, and also it's not like anyone else has a sheath that matches their uniform anyway. So. It's black now.

Yay arts!
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