Annarti (annarti) wrote in yrae,

General Nimay: Big Book of Stuff

Nimay in the Big Book of Stuff! Which I've never shown off before because it's always just been a Word doc with headers and stuff, but with the advent of leaky roof soaking into every goddamn page, I decided that rather than just reprint it, I'll design it, too! Because design is fun! So now it's got negative space, updated referance arts, pictures all through, aesthetic boards, different fonts for the headers and highlights, and by golly gee whiz I enjoyed doing this. There's also a bunch of unfinished arts because why not? When else am I going to look at them? I'd forgotten most of those pieces existed.

No bleed, which is weird for me, but my paper is only A4 and I don't really want work doing this for me 8D
Tags: * character: general nimay, big book of stuff
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