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Character Survey: Uncommon Questions (Nol)

It's been a looooooooong time since I've done a character survey. Mostly cos I'm doing a lot of writing 8D So one came up on my tumblr and why not? I think I'm going with current Nol, towards the end of SH:Gold, but I'll white-out the bits that are real spoilers.

What’s the maximum amount of time your character can sit still with nothing to do?
If he HAD to, like if he's waiting for a meeting with Shizaaqa then he'll sit for as long as he has to, he just won't like it and will get progressively more and more irritated as time goes on. He can last about three days of heatwave before he has to do something useful. He can sit still and relax with a beer/conversation/whatever, but if there's literally nothing to do then he can't do it.

How easy is it for your character to laugh?
Very. He likes to be happy :D Not a whole lot to laugh about lately but he'll still laugh easily.

How do they put themselves to bed at night (reading, singing, thinking?)
...He sleeps outside these days. And then lies there overthinking everything.

How easy is it to earn their trust?
Initially, pretty easy. If you've wronged him, though, frigging impossible to earn it back.

How easy is it to earn their mistrust?
Mostly it takes a lot? He wants to trust people.

Do they consider laws flexible, or immovable?
Pretty much immovable, but really only on his part. He's super conscious of how the world sees him, so if he were to bend or break the law, then he knows it's not a good look. Someone else doing it, though, he'll hear them out if they had a legit reason before judging too harshly. There will be judgement, though.

What triggers nostalgia for them, most often? Do they enjoy that feeling?
He's not really a nostalgic kinda guy. Probably seeing army trainees, mostly. That's bittersweet for him because he's lost the best person from his trainee years.

What were they told to stop/start doing most often as a child?
Stop acting so high-and-mighty (though he didn't need to get told that TOO often) and start taking responsibility. Majesty's 'You're royalty; it's always your fault' speech pretty much governs his life now.

Do they swear? Do they remember their first swear word?
ALL the time. Raykinian language doesn't have any expletives as such, they just swear the names of their goddesses, usually Aeia. The longer and more complicated it gets, the more obscene. The first actual SWEAR word he learned was in Kazinian, probably along the lines of 'shit' or similar, and boy oh boy did he love that particular vocab list. He swears almost exclusively in Kazinian now. It's more fun than Raykinian.

What lie do they most frequently remember telling? Does it haunt them?
...UM. D'Y'KNOW WHAT. <spoilers>'I didn't kill my father,' and holy shit balls on a stick does it ever haunt him. Less the lie and more the action, obvs. SOMETHING OF A MAJOR PLOT POINT, FUNNILY ENOUGH.</spoilers>

How do they cope with confusion (seek clarification, pretend they understand, etc)?
He'll always seek clarification, then get pissed off if he doesn't get a satisfactory answer. Stems from 'it's always your fault.' The more he knows, the easier it is to stave off failure (or so he feels).

How do they deal with an itch found in a place they can’t quite reach?
Ignore it and hope it will go away (eg on his foot while wearing army boots) or ask someone to scratch it for him (eg middle of the back).

What colour do they think they look best in? Do they actually look best in that colour?
BLUE, colour of royalty and also archers. It's probably his best colour because I didn't design him to be a fug.

What animal do they fear most?
SNAKES. One almost killed him as a kid.

How do they speak? Is what they say usually thought of on the spot, or do they rehearse it in their mind first?
Nol speaks with authority, like what he says is worth listening to and obeying. Mithé taught him to speak like that, because leaders have to be strong, but for the most part he does believe pretty-to-very strongly in what he's saying anyway. He tries to plan meetings and such as much as he can to convince whoever he's speaking to of his thoughts, and he's incredibly careful with his words because again, super conscious of how people see him.

What makes their stomach turn?
I don't know that anything does, really. Nol's not squeamish. <spoilers>Any reminder of his time in the dungeons will make him feel sick, though that's more a reminder of pain than any sense of 'ew'.</spoilers>

Are they easily embarrassed?
Things done to him or at his expense, no. Things he says or does to himself, hell yes.

What embarrasses them?
Saying something that makes it clear he isn't in control of the situation. <spoilers>Panic attacks.</spoilers>

What is their favourite number?
I don't know that he has one. I think he'd consider that kinda trivial.

If they were asked to explain the difference between romantic and platonic or familial love, how would they do so?
Poorly, awkwardly and probably quite strangely to outsiders, cos Nol's experiences with all three have been... unconventional. Also he is shit at expressing emotion. 'Kissing, I guess? And sex?'

Why do they get up in the morning?
Because he's an incredibly light sleeper (Own missions will do that) and also that goddamn sense of responsibility.

How does jealousy manifest itself in them (they become possessive, they become aloof, etc)?
As cold hatred, which may escalate to violent words, but he'll usually still have enough presence of mind to hold back physical violence.

How does envy manifest itself in them (they take what they want, they become resentful, etc)?
Mostly it just makes him try to be better himself to get what he wants and feel like he deserves it. <spoilers>Other times he'll kill his father. So I mean. Swings and roundabouts.</spoilers>

Is sex something that they’re comfortable speaking about? To whom?
No, because he's never had sex. He doesn't like not knowing about the topic.

What are their thoughts on marriage?
COMPLICATED. VERY COMPLICATED. First and foremost he needs a good queen, because he's aware he's not going to make a great king himself. Second, he wants a friend, someone he can get along with but who can also give and take criticism when required. Romance is a pretty distant third, because finding the first two are bloody hard enough. Also he wants Nimay to be his queen cos she fits all three, but like hell that's happening now.
Other people's marriages? God, he wishes he had it that easy.

What is their preferred mode of transportation?
Horse, preferably one that's not Mongrel.

What causes them to feel dread?
Manymany things. Yan. Being inside grey stone buildings. Echoing doors, rattling keys. To a far lesser extent these days, magic. Anything likely to cause him failure. Seeing Nimay again. Going home. Not going home. PICK ONE.

Would they prefer a lie over an unpleasant truth?
So apart from that one really big and obvious lie over the frankly disgusting truth, Nol will own up to his own failings pretty readily. Just not so much in public. He haaaaates being lied to though.

Do they usually live up to their own ideals?
NOPE. His ideals these days are pretty simple--don't fail--but god he does that a lot. These are really becoming quite painful questions. Good thing I'm answering them and not him.

Who do they most regret meeting?
Yan, for sure, though he knows his life would've turned to shit whether he'd physically met Yan or not. Seeing him in person was a bad time, though.

Who are they the most glad to have met?
That's happier! Right now, probably Yamin, cos she loffs him and supports him and they are BFFs for sure. Honourable mention goes to Naraan, his old archery master/all round awesome dude. Nimay remains complicated, but he'd never regret all the years he's known her.

Do they have a go-to story in conversation? Or a joke?
Not that I've ever given thought to.

Could they be considered lazy?
Hell no.

How hard is it for them to shake a sense of guilt?
Largely impossible.

How do they treat the things their friends come to them excited about? Are they supportive?
As long as it doesn't negatively impact him, then yes, he'll be supportive and probably bemused.

Do they actively seek romance, or do they wait for it to fall into their lap?
He tried? As much as emotionally stunted Raykinian who's never been exposed to romantic love and really try? When that failed, though, he had ZERO idea how to try again, so he hasn't tried since.

Do they have a system for remembering names, long lists of numbers, things that need to go in a certain order (like anagrams, putting things to melodies, etc)?
Nah, he just has a good memory.

What memory do they revisit the most often?
<spoilers>The arc of the arrow through the air when he shot Mithé.</spoilers>

How easy is it for them to ignore flaws in other people?
He's so in-tune with his own flaws that he's hyper critical of flaws in others, too. He won't usually point them out to their face, but he'll complain loudly about them behind their backs.

How sensitive are they to their own flaws?
He knows they're there, tries very hard to not let them show, but ultimately fails and knows he does. If anyone ever pulls him up on them he gets very defensive--which he knows is another one cos hoo boy is he self-conscious--but ultimately it just makes him try even harder to not suck.

How do they feel about children?
Yet another responsibility he's failing at. He'll just get the real world problems sorted out first, THEN look for someone to make babies with. If'n'when it does happen, I think he'll be an incredibly awkward and reluctant father, at least until the kid gets to an age where he can make conversation with it. He'll just want it to grow up and not be a child anymore, basically.

How badly do they want to reach their end goal?
Now he's figured out what the end goal is, he wants it more than he's ever wanted anything. He is so, so driven to get it now.

If someone asked them to explain their sexuality, how would they do so?
Eh, he likes ladies, end of story.

A) Why are you excited about this character?

He tries so goddamn hard and always comes up short, and it's not even because he sets the bar too high for himself, but he's just in such a shitty situation that nobody could get themselves out of it, really. And yet he keeps on trying.

B) What inspired you to create them?
Haha, I wanted another villain to be under Yan's thumb. That sure changed course.

C) Did you have trouble figuring out where they fit in their own story?
Nup, he was one of the originals so I've always known how he fits. Yes, he's changed, but he's done so organically.

D) Have they always had the same physical appearance, or have you had to edit how they look?
I've changed his crown just about every time I've drawn it, and his royal insignia has changed once when I decided feathers were the way to go instead of stones, but that's some very minor stuff. Royal garb and ceremonial gear has been updated fairly recently. The look of the character himself hasn't changed, though. He's always been a pretty boy.

E) Are they someone you would get along with? Would they get along with you?
Dunno. He comes with a whooole lotta baggage. I mean he makes a point of being likeable on first impressions and so do I, so superficially, probably yes. Would he let me get close enough to learn of his deepest and darkest? Probably not.

F) What do you feel when you think of your OC (pride, excitement, frustration, etc)?
Guilt, pity, I PROMISE THINGS WILL GET BETTER FOR YOU, NOL, I'LL MAKE SURE OF IT SOMEHOW. Also pride with how well he puts up with all the shit I throw at him.

G) What trait of theirs bothers you the most?
Same one that bothers him the most: PTSD. It makes me uncomfortable and I wish he didn't have to go through it. Also, stubbornness for facing his fear of magic. If you'd done that earlier things would've gone a whole lot better, knob.

H) What trait do you admire most?
He just will not give up. He can't see himself as being anything other than prince, even though at this stage he knows that's highly unlikely to ever happen, but he doesn't even consider any alternatives. He just keeps on trying.

I) Do you prefer to keep them in their canon universe?
Mostly yeah. I don't have time for AUs. I do like dragging outside people into Raykin, though.

J) Did you have to manipulate or exclude canon factors to allow them to create their character?
He's the one manipulating the canon, not me. I didn't know he'd get PTSD, that was all him! I just threw him down there to get Flannel Flower out!

Well. That was an emotional roller-coaster.
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