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The yrae lj is home to the Yrae Chronicles, annarti's obsession since February 2003. The main story, Silent Harmony, is set primarily in the desert kingdom of Raykin and centres around the lives of two twin girls whose lives are uprooted when Raykin's first king, a tyrant who ruled 4000 years ago, returns.

...I suck at summing it up. It has swords, and magic, and a big~ red desert. What's not to love? =D The chapters are all linked in the memories, though from chapter three onwards you'll need to be a member of the community to read them. It's open membership, so there's nothing stopping you =3 I do very much appreciate comments on the chapters, though. The more constructive the better ^.~

As well as housing rambles and development entries about the world and the series, you'll also find here a plethora of other stories in the Yrae Chronicles, from minifics of less than 500 words, through novellas and successfully completed NaNovels of 50,000 words, up to Silent Harmony itself, 300k and counting.

Where to start? Probably your best bet is to check out the completed stories housed at bloogum. Any that say they're self-contained will be a good introduction to that region, and the most recent the story, the better it is. Silent Harmony itself is a good starting point, just because it's the story that everything else is based around. If you're after something considerably shorter, the whole smegging lot is listed there in chronological order, but really, most of that is from pre-2006 and~ it shows. Some day I'd like to get back into the minifics, but we'll see when that happens.

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